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Using Instagram to Promote Your Business

If you’ve been paying attention to how SEO anytime the past year or so, you’ll know how important it is to integrate social media in your marketing plans. Actually, it’s not just about search engines but using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to gain exposure, build a following, etc. Social media is extremely powerful and if used correctly, can make a huge difference to your business. At the moment, Instagram has over 90 million users that login at least one time a month, says the company […]

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Photo Sharing Your Way to Success

Social media sites are not only incredibly popular, they pack a powerful punch when it comes to increasing brand awareness, create loyal followers, etc. One of the newer kids on the blog is Instagram. Now owned by Facebook, Instagram boasts over 90 million active users. Businesses quickly realized how this photo sharing site can build greater brand awareness through the use of photos. Almost everyone loves strong visual images. Businesses that use such images to express the quality of their product or service or simply to share […]

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What Is Instagram?

In a nutshell Instagram is the fun way to take photos and share them with friends and followers online. All you need is a mobile handset and an Instagram account and you can upload and edit your photos reading for sharing on social media site such as Facebook and Twitter. Since its launch in 2010 Instagram boasts over 80 million users with millions of photos being uploaded to the web each year. The success of Instagram has been rapid with images generating over 600 likes per second […]

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