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Instagram Marketing Used by Top Brands

With over 80 million users signed up to the Instagram service it is no wonder that more and more Top Brands are coming on board and using Instagram to help boost their online marketing strategies. So how exactly are these huge companies using a mobile app to raise their profile and increase public interest in their brands? Instagram, although formerly reserved for iPhone users, is now available to android phones and allows users to basically snap photos of just about anything, edit them and upload to an […]

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What Is Instagram?

In a nutshell Instagram is the fun way to take photos and share them with friends and followers online. All you need is a mobile handset and an Instagram account and you can upload and edit your photos reading for sharing on social media site such as Facebook and Twitter. Since its launch in 2010 Instagram boasts over 80 million users with millions of photos being uploaded to the web each year. The success of Instagram has been rapid with images generating over 600 likes per second […]

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